america_at_home2.jpgSoutherners are in love with America.  They think it is the greatest country that has ever existed.  Most Southerners own several American flags and American flag by-products.  Often times, they will fly a flag proudly from their large front porch or, in some cases, from a flag pole they have erected in their front yard.  

Because Southerners can’t get enough of America, it is obvious that the Fourth of July is one of their favorite holidays.  You can make several Southern friends by attending a fireworks show on the Fourth.  Wear all the red, white and blue you can find and bring alcohol.  

Warning: never criticize America in front of a Southerner.  They will become extremely defensive and may resort to blows.  Instead, complain about the government.  Southerners think the government and America are two separate things.  One is inherently evil and should never be allowed to get too big; the other is God’s country. 

It would be helpful to learn  America’s greatest attributes and begin bringing them up in conversation while amongst a group of Southerners.  After suggesting that it is God’s will for America to rule the world, you will spark a feeding frenzy of America love that will last a good 10 minutes.